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Want to know how to cook like a pro? Corner Kitchen is a boutique Cooking School in Hong Kong where you and your friends can have an exhilarating hands-on culinary experience cooking like a chef, minus the heat, in our sleek professional kitchen.

Cook with the ones you love.

Since 2007, Corner Kitchen has been hosting its cooking parties and private dinners, first in a kitchen on Po Hing Fong, and now on New Street. If the sight of ingredients, be it a perfectly ripe tomato in the summer, bright green asparagus in the spring, or a glistening plump chicken at a butcher’s display excite you. If you are willing to set aside the time and roll up your sleeves. If you just love to cook. Then this is the place for you. Welcome to Corner Kitchen where we sincerely believe in cooking with the ones you love. It will feed your tummy and warm your soul.

Our Chefs

Izumi Sasaki Durrant

Izumi Sasaki Durrant

Chief Cooking Instructor

Izumi hails from Japan but calls Hong Kong home. Her cooking experience and motivation started from the early days of helping her mother, who was an excellent cook, around the kitchen. Her parents also loved entertaining people with good food and drinks and this was how Izumi got hooked on hospitality.

Another large influence on her cooking was all the traveling she got to do working as a flight purser for Cathay Pacific. She has lived in the U.S,Spain and India. And while there, she immersed herself in the local ingredients, cuisine and culture.

Izumi is a self-taught Chef and is well versed in western as well as her own native Japanese culinary techniques, albeit she likes to add her own twists to them. She was a food consultant for a food company, creating and testing recipes, and ran her own catering company. Her formal culinary training also includes a stint at Yard Bird’s Ronin restaurant.

Izumi’s style is best described as meticulous and straight from the heart. She loves to cook any type of foods, and especially using herbs and spices. Her life mission is to tirelessly travel and taste all the cuisines the world has to offer. An avid wine lover, Izumi also holds an advanced certificate in WSET, Wine & Spirit Education Trust. A voracious reader yet outdoorsy, Izumi’s hobbies also include Trail walking.

Chi Kelly

IzChi Kelly

Cooking Instructor

Chi was born in Vietnam and grew up in North Carolina, USA, and is very experienced with Thai & Vietnamese cooking. She has a deep passion for food and it's evident in her cooking. Chi has worked extensively in the food industry since her teenage years, from front of the house to sausage making and catering. Chi appreciates efficient and fuss-free techniques in cooking but she tirelessly strives for perfection. This includes working hard on testing all our recipes to make them even more delicious and achieve "fool proof" status.

Chi got a serious case of travel fever after graduating from college. Her first stop was Hong Kong where she met her husband. They weren't ready to settle down in one place so they spent the first 5 years roaming all over the world introducing Chi's taste buds to new & exotic cuisines. Their last stop was Chiangmai, Thailand where their daughter was born and the family resided there for 11 years. She is fortunate to have a daughter who looks forward to trying out her mom's new dishes, a very willing guinea pig. She drives her husband crazy when memories of her travels revolve around what she ate at that particular location. It wasn't the history or the architecture, it was simply what her taste buds remember! She knew her 'problem' was actually a gift.

Chi is a member of the Mui Wo choir and her eclectic hobbies include belly dancing and she can be frequently seen hiking the hills of Lantau Island on her days off. On Sundays, she is stage mom at Corner Kitchen Cafe where her talented daughter Jazz often performs singing and playing the guitar.

Our Facility

Corner Kitchen is a charming 1600 square feet country kitchen, tucked in the heart of Sheung wan. Our purpose built facility consists of two kitchens that have been thoughtfully and intelligently designed, and outfitted with 5 six-burner professional cooking ranges, each with its own large under counter oven, to facilitate a hands on cooking experience. There are two dining areas. One area is larger and an extension of an open kitchen. A second dining room is smaller and closed off from the kitchen to facilitate a quieter surrounding. All in all a perfect set up for providing our guests with a relaxed and fun food experience.

Our Cafe

Have you been to our Cafe? It is just around the corner from Corner Kitchen at 226 Hollywood Road. YOu can also visit our Cafe's website at cornerkitchencafe.com

Corner-Kitchen Cafe

Cooking Parties

Enjoy our full-participation private cooking parties. They are great for entertaining, as well as personal celebrations, such as birthdays, hen parties, bridal showers, special reunions and corporate bonding events as you will have the entire Corner Kitchen to yourselves.

For more information and reservations, click here to contact us

Personal Celebrations

These are fun full participation private cooking parties. They are great for entertaining, as well as personal celebrations, such as birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor and hen parties, bridal showers, and special reunions as you will have the entire Corner Kitchen to yourselves. The format is a lunch or dinner where cooking is part of the entertainment. Our chef-instructors will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Format We will split your group into two teams, and you and your friends will compete "Hell's Kitchen" style. The winners will prove their kitchen prowess once and for all. But in the end, everyone sits down and enjoys a great meal.

Team Building

Our most popular event! Our chef instructors will guide your team through the ultimate collaborative effort of preparing a wonderful meal together, an unforgettable unifying event in a fun atmosphere.

For those who want to kick the heat up a notch, our Kitchen Battle format is probably one of the most exhilarating team building experiences in Hong Kong. Guests break into small groups and each group will work together and cook up a storm as they conquer “quick-fire” challenges, prep, cook and plate up two dishes in a race against time. The winners will prove their kitchen prowess once and for all. But in the end, everyone sits down and enjoys a great meal

To ensure a smooth session and the most successful outcome, the entire group will work on the same menu. We will accommodate any special dietary requests.

We can accomodate 4-24 persons per Cooking Party. A typical event runs 3 to 3 1/2 hours

We've got you covered!

Planning a party and looking for a private space to dine or celebrate in? Corner Kitchen is a cozy private space for a group activity or celebration. Be it a birthday party, baby shower afternoon tea, corporate breakfast meeting or corporate lunch and dinner.

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Private Dining

The key is you get to relax and enjoy our charming venue all to yourselves with your friends and colleagues and we will take care of the cooking. This is a truly private dining experience and you can enjoy the entire venue to yourselves with your own private Chefs catering exclusively to your needs.


Canapes/ Drinks or Meals can be arranged for your event at an additional cost. We have a wide selection for you to pre-order from.

Chefs for hire

Our Chefs can cater for your product launches or marketing events, be it a sit down luncheon, a tasty canape session or a cooking demonstration.

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*we are located just next to the Tung Wah Hospital<

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